RTW Trip – Budapest, Hungary

RTW Trip – Budapest, Hungary

Ever since Arcadiy and I started dating, we’ve had an agreement that we’ll spend every Thanksgiving in another country. Since the Thursday and Friday of the holiday are paid days off, it’s easy to get in a 10 day trip with minimal vacation day usage. Plane tickets out of the US are also cheap around then since most people try to spend the holiday with family. Our family is across the country and we go back around Christmas/New Year’s Eve, so that makes Thanksgiving a fun holiday for the two of us.

So of course the year when we’re traveling abroad would be the first Thanksgiving in years that we spent with family! Arcadiy’s parents and siblings decided to take advantage of the long weekend to meet up with us in Budapest. We only had a few days to see all the big sites in the city so we didn’t waste any time.

The first thing we did was take a boat ride down the Danube. Architecture in Budapest is wonderful and the most beautiful buildings are along the river, making a boat ride one of the best things you can do in the city.

We, of course, did a lot of sightseeing on foot as well.

Shoes on the Danube Bank

If there’s a statue, Arcadiy’s dad will want a photo of it or with it. Guaranteed.
Dohany Street Synagogue
Liberty Bridge
Buda Castle
Matthias Church

Budapest also has one of the coolest churches I’ve seen — the Cave Church in Gellert Hill.

The entire church is a cave in the side of the hill, hence the nickname.

Stained glass window in the church.
Statue in front of the church.

Even if you don’t visit the church, hiking up Gellert Hill is very much worthwhile. It has the best views of the city.

Other highlights of our time in Budapest included introducing Arcadiy’s family to the magic of Christmas markets and spending hours at the Miniversum. The Miniversum was way too cool for words, especially for giant nerds like Arcadiy and me. And spiced wine at a Christmas market is one of the best things ever.


You can take a look at the rest of my Budapest pictures here!

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