RTW Trip – Madrid, Spain

RTW Trip – Madrid, Spain

We had been looking forward to Madrid for quite some time because it’s the city where one of our best friends was going to join us during her own European adventure.

It’s Mo!

We’ve traveled with Mo before, though not for as long as this time around. She added an element of fun and energy to our adventures that Arcadiy and I wish we had on our own. And we successfully didn’t lose her, despite her occasional wandering off.

Chasing bubbles in the park.

Tapas – The best thing about Madrid

By the time we arrived in Madrid, Arcadiy and I were very wary of any food that showed up at our table that we didn’t order. In Portugal, for example, they would bring an overpriced basket of bread to the table. This is very different than the ubiquitous free bread you find in the states and is a good way to trick foreigners. In Madrid, though, it’s commonplace for you to receive free tapas with your drink. So, it became a nightly ritual to order a bunch of drinks and fill up on the tapas that came with each one for dinner.

Alas, I didn’t take any photos of free tapas but here’s one of a food I ordered to go with my beer at the first bar. It was delicious.

Out and About

We didn’t spend very much time in Madrid so we really only wandered around town.

Don Quixote statue!
Almudena Cathedral.
Ceiling in the Almudena Cathedral.
Another Almudena Cathedral ceiling.
Plaza Mayor
Bear statues are serious business.
Gate of Europe
Obligatory Real Madrid stadium shot.
Palacio de Cristal
High five, bro.
Guy on a horse statue.

Roses in the rose garden.


You can take a look at the rest of my Madrid pictures here!

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