RTW Trip – England

RTW Trip – England

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everybody! This time of year is best spent with friends and family so it’s appropriate timing for my England post. England is one of the few countries Arcadiy and I had both already visited before we started dating. It was a big priority to make a stop there during this trip, in spite of that fact, because I have family in Bournemouth that I wanted to visit while we were in their area of the world. Arcadiy also has friends in London that let us stay with them for a few nights while we were in town.


Since we had each been to London before we had different sightseeing priorities. We decided to do some sightseeing separately – a first during our trip! I decided to wander by the River Thames and visit the Tate Modern.

The London Eye
The Millennium Bridge
Picasso at Tate Modern
View from the Tate Modern observation deck.
St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

London was in the middle of a big heat wave while we were there, so folks were finding ways to cool down.

The fountain court at Somerset House in London.

We spent our last day in town walking around Regent’s Park.

Triton Fountain in the Queen Mary’s Gardens at Regent’s Park.
Fountain in Regent’s Park.


I was last in Bournemouth in 2009, shortly after graduating college. It was my first time outside of North America and also the last time I had seen my overseas family. Since it had been so long, our time in town was dedicated to spending quality time with my family instead of taking pictures. That said, it’s a beautiful city with sandy beaches that are worth a visit.

The beach in Bournemouth.

I did manage to snag a picture of one family member.


You can take a look at the rest of my England photos here!

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