Gina is blogging – oh my!

Gina is blogging – oh my!

Here it is – I’m finally starting my blog! Blogging has historically been one of my weakest skills. I’ve never been much of a writer and am usually too self-conscious to let others read my writing. That said, we’re about to embark on an amazing trip and I figure this is the best way to share our adventures, even if most posts are more pictures than words.

What is this trip, you ask? My husband and I are going to backpack through Europe and Asia over the next year or so. About three years ago, we met two of our friends for dinner after they finished a similar trip. After hearing their stories, we realized this was something we needed to do as well. We’ve been planning and saving since, finally leaving our jobs, possessions, and Seattle behind two weeks ago. If you’re curious about the specific locations in our journey, you should check out this post on my husband’s blog. He did a pretty great job in summarizing our itinerary so I won’t duplicate it here.

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